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Pytloun Wellness Hotel Harrachov Wellness


Luxury Mountain Spa

The luxury wellness center is located on the 5th floor of the hotel, offering a stunning terrace view to the Devil's Mountain across the surrounding tree-tops. An indoor sauna for 8 persons and an outdoor hot tub for 10 persons are among the center's treats. Both the indoor sauna world and outdoor hot-tub terrace can be rented either separately or together as a single zone of comfort and relaxation. The wellness center also has two massage rooms for indvidual or dual massage options.
Towels available FREE OF CHARGE.

Public opening hours

Daily 14.00 - 18.00
99 CZK / 4 € person (during public hours)
Children under 110 cm / 3.6 ft   FREE OF CHARGE

Private opening hours

Daily 8.00 - 14.00  and 18.00 - 23.00
Book on hotel reception.

          50 min.       120 min.

      Private opening hours     

       890 CZK           1199 CZK     

       Publice opening hours      

99 CZK

      Private opening hours     

1199 CZK 1499 CZK



 Peat wrap

160 CZK

 Swedish massage – partial
 (back and neck) 25 minutes

410 CZK

 Swedish massage – full
(back, neck, back and front of the legs) 60 minutes

730 CZK

 Reflexology foot massage
(kneading and pressuring of foot reflex zones) 25 minutes

410 CZK

 Anti-stress Indian head massage
(oil-free massage of the head, neck, and face)  25 minutes

390 CZK

 Cupping massage, moxibustion, Chinese massage
(back and neck) 30 minutes

460 CZK

 Aromatherapy massage – partial
(back and neck – selection of fragrant oils) 30 minutes

480 CZK

 Aromatherapy massage – full
(back and neck, arms or legs – selection of fragrant oils) 60 minutes

950 CZK

 Chocolate massage – partial
(back and neck, cocoa peeling, chocolate wrap)  40 minutes

620 CZK

 Honey massage – partial
(back and neck) 25 minutes

460 CZK

 Basalt-stone massage – partial
(back and neck) 30 minutes

550 CZK

 Basalt-stone massage – full
(back and neck, back of the legs) 60 minutes

770 CZK

 Breuss massage and the Dorn method
60 minutes

880 CZK

You can order your massage in person at the reception, use the room phone, or call +420 608 000 685. Please place your order at least 1 day in advance.

+420 608 000 685